Students at Glen Abbey Montessori School may sometimes be seen tracing letters made out of sandpaper, moving letters around, writing in their journals, or reading a book.  How children acquire language led Dr. Montessori to believe that language is “absorbed” by the young child.  Typically, it is thought that the three to six year old is in his/her Sensitive Period for language, where they are adding new words to their vocabulary at a rate that will never be the same.  Early work on phonics is gradually replaced with an emphasis on sight recognition of vocabulary as the child improves his/her reading skills.

The concept of Indirect Preparation was introduced when Dr. Montessori discovered that through the Sandpaper Letters and the Movable Alphabet the child can simultaneously prepare him/herself for reading and writing.  It is a stimulating and fun learning process that often happens spontaneously.  Dr. Montessori referred to this process as an “explosion into writing.”

At Glen Abbey Montessori School, language activities include poetry, story-telling, recognition of the alphabet, reading, writing and grammar study.  Most importantly, our Staff are trained to recognize how and when to guide students, at their own respective levels, in this very important activity.