Practical Life

At Glen Abbey Montessori School, you will see students cleaning the floors, gardening, or washing their own plates.  You may often see Staff encouraging a student to say please and thank you.  These are called “Practical Life Activities”, and form an important component of a Montessori program.  The purpose of these activities is to help the student gain control in the coordination of his/her movement, and help him/her gain independence and adapt to society.  Practical Life Activities can generally be categorized into three main areas: (1) care of the environment (cleaning, sweeping, gardening); (2) care of the person (dressing, brushing teeth, cooking, setting the table) and, (3) grace and courtesy (walking carefully, moving gracefully, saying “please” and “thank you”).

By doing Practical Life Activities, students learn to be independent, respect their own work cycles, learn to begin and finish activities, make their own choices, respect others, concentrate, gain control over their muscles/movement, as well as learn to become logical thinkers.  This helps foster a love of learning, as well as creates an essential foundation toward being a good citizen of the world.